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The first Chess Festival for Youth Adriatic 2015 was held in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Split in Croatia from August 25th to August 30th. The festival is the first in a series of tournaments for youth sponsored by Kasparov Chess Foundation, which promotes educational project entitled “Chess in school”. The tournament was opened by Mr. Garry Kasparov, the greatest chess star who invests a lot of energy and resources in chess education for children. One of the events of the festival was ChessBase blitz tournament for youth which took place on August 29th. Sponsor of the tournament, ChessBase, has granted rich material rewards that will certainly help young talents in chess progress.

ChessBase Nagrade U doba modernog šaha Chessbase proizvodi su neizostavni alat u šahovskom razvoju

ChessBase Prizes
In the age of modern chess, Chessbase products are an essential tool in the development of chess players.

The tournament was played in 7 rounds, 4 minutes + 3 seconds per move, in categories under 20 years of age and under 12 years of age. Split University Library has provided excellent conditions for players and the arrival of Mr. Garry Kasparov was of great significance for the tournament itself.


In the category under 20 years of age the winner was Leon Livaić (CRO) with 6 points, second place was taken by Miljenko Muha (CRO) with 5.5 points, while third place went to Marko Sokač (CRO). Prizes were awarded for the most successful in categories under 20 years of age and under 16 years of age.

Glavni sudac: Piacun Eduard , 1. Place U20 Livaić Leon – ChessBase 13 Premium Package, koordinator turnira: Petra Kruljac, Pomoćni sudac : Kristina Šolić

Chief Arbiter: Piacun Eduard , 1. Place U20 Livaić Leon – ChessBase 13 Premium Package,Tournament Coordinatorr: Petra Kruljac, Assistant Arbiter : Kristina Šolić

2. mjesto U20 - Sokač Marko - Premium memberchips

2. Place U20 – Sokač Marko – Premium memberchips

3. mjesto U20 -Vranković Ivan -Premium memberchips

3. Place U20 -Vranković Ivan -Premium memberchips

1. mjesto U16 - Muha Miljenko - ChessBase 13 Start Package

1. Place U16 – Muha Miljenko – ChessBase 13 Start Package

2. mjesto U16 - Ščulac Zvonimir - Premium memberchips

2. Place U16 – Ščulac Zvonimir – Premium memberchips

3. mjesto  U16 - Paradžik Berislav - Premium memberchips

3. Place U16 – Paradžik Berislav – Premium memberchips

At the tournament under 12 years of age the most successful was Bouslimi Nabil (FRA) with perfect score 7/7! Followed by Bunoust Lucas (FRA) with 6 points and Jelena Kokša with 4.5 points.

1. mjesto U12 – Bouslimi Nabil – Komodo 9

1. Place U12 – Bouslimi Nabil – Komodo 9

2. mjesto U12 – Bunoust Lucas Premium memberchips

2. Place U12 – Bunoust Lucas Premium memberchips

3. mjesto U12 Kokša Jelena – Premium memberchips

3. Place U12 Kokša Jelena – Premium memberchips

1. mjesto U10 – Bevanda Ema – Deep Fritz 14

1. Place U10 – Bevanda Ema – Deep Fritz 14

2. mjesto U10 - Mijić Karlo - Premium memberchips

2. Place U10 – Mijić Karlo – Premium memberchips

3. mjesto U10 - Vučenović Damian - Premium memberchips

3. Place U10 – Vučenović Damian – Premium memberchips



Kasparov was watching games with great interest


Group Photo

ChessBase_LogoFinal Ranking U20:


ChessBase_LogoFinal Ranking U12:


Petra Kruljac, Tournament Coordinator